Marriage Therapy with Dr. Wilgus:


Marriage can be difficult and most couples go through some period where outside guidance can be helpful. Dr. Wilgus has a long history of working with marriages and his counseling model for couples is most effective when working with Christian couples. Additionally, Dr. Wilgus is co-founder of RingLeaders a discipleship training program for Christian husbands.

Marriage therapy begins with a 90-minute initial evaluation in which major marriage issues are identified and the couples’ shared goals are agreed upon. Further sessions are weekly to bi-monthly with periodic reviews of progress.

Usually marriage therapy sessions include both the husband and wife. Occasional individual sessions may be helpful but marriage therapy progresses as a couple.

If a husband or wife come across significant individual struggles during marriage therapy, Dr. Wilgus will usually referred to a different therapist for individual therapy concurrent to the ongoing marriage work.


  • Communication Problems
  • Trust/Infidelity Issues
  • High Conflict/Volatility
  • Sexual/Intimacy Problems
  • Integrating Christian Faith